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August 17, 2011

Do Not Ignore Signs of Heart Attack: Byrne‎

Nicky Byrne, the member of Westlife group, grieved over his father’s death, revealed that his father would have lived if they hadn’t ignored the stomach pain.

Nikki Byrne Snr died due to heart attack when he was 60 years of age. The man was fit and healthy and his death was sudden.

The oldest member of the popular band stated that alike his father thousands of Irish men die without cause every year due to ignorance towards their health and early signs of cardiovascular diseases. He said that his father’s death was an eye opener as these small signs and indications should not be ignored in order to stay healthy.

Byrne will be participating in the campaign which will be initiated by the Irish Heart Foundation to encourage more men to stop ignoring the early signs of a heart attack.

The campaign will involve the cartoons that will indicate that how men often convince themselves and do not go to see the doctor.

IHF Medical Director Dr. Angie Brown stated that the possible symptoms of heart attack include sweating, nausea or light-headedness, but males are embarrassed in calling ambulance. “Don’t waste time on going to the GP or driving yourself to the hospital. If you’re having a heart attack, then don’t die of embarrassment. Dial 999”, Brown said.

Source: topnews.net.nz

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