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October 10, 2011

Request Westlife on the Radio

Request Westlife on the Radio

"Use these sites to request #WestlifeLighthouse to be played on the radio!"

Music Panels
If you join a music panel, they will send you an email every two weeks or so asking you to fill in a short questionaire of about 20songs, they just ask you 3 questions per song, have you heard it before… what are your thoughts of it… and how tierd of it are you. Each one has multiple choice answers.

Real Radio North East
Real Radio North West
Real Radio Scotland
Real Radio Scotland
Real Radio Wales
Metro Radio
Key 103
Clyde 1

Send a Station a Request

The list below is of the main radio stations in the UK, the three (fully) nation wide ones, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2 and Capital FM are the crucial ones, however I’ve also included many of the bigger local ones and the partially nationwide ones too. Radio is possibly the biggest influence on the UK charts (minus X-Factor) and therefore it’s crucial to get Westlife played. Feel free to request at any time, but it’s always wise to give the show a little listen and check the description of the show, just so you know you’re not requesting ‘Lighthouse’ on a show about floor fillers or hits of the 60’s etc. Where I can I’ve listed the actual request section of their websites so please use that first and I’ve tried to list DJ’s who are most likely to play a song by them, but I can’t listen to every radio station in the UK all day, everyday so just take as a guideline. Also, requesting doesn’t just mean the chances of their song being played is increased it also means that when it comes to radio stations putting on events such as ‘The Capital Ball’ ‘Metro Radio Live’ etc Westlife are more likely to get invited if they are in demand with their listeners.

BBC Radio One
Request a song anytime:

BBC Radio Two
http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/ken-bruce/contact/ 9:30am-12:00

More radio HERE

Source/Credit: thedailyblend.net I Hema Malik

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