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November 4, 2011

Westlife snubbed lucrative deal to stay together

Westlife are adamant no amount of money will spark a future reunion, because they have already turned down a multi-million pound deal to stay together.

The Flying Without Wings hitmakers have announced they are to split in 2012 following a greatest hits tour after 14 years together.

The singers insist they won't be tempted to reunite after they go their separate ways, as they have already snubbed a lucrative deal from their Sony record company to carry on.

Bandmember Kian Egan tells The Sun, "We walked away from a multi-million pound record deal that would have changed our lives for ever, secured our future beyond anything.

"It's not about the money. We'd have made far more on a new record than we ever would with a comeback tour."

Nicky Byrne adds to the Daily Star, "It's not a publicity stunt... Other bands who have breaks know they might come back. We're saying we're not."

Source: yahoo.com/omg

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