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August 23, 2012

Nicky Byrne to split up twins

FORMER WESTLIFE singer Nicky Byrne and his wife Georgina’s twins Rocco and Jay will be split for school after spending everyday of the last five years together.

The five year old’s proud mum Georgina (32) said there would be “lots of tears shed” when they have to say goodbye at the school gates.

Georgina explained that the twins will be put into separate classes so they can have their own circle of friends.

“They really enjoy being a twin and they’re so close but everybody needs their own circle of friends and to find their own way to develop their own individuality,” she said.

“I’m really close to my sister, but I still have my own friends and my own things going on.

“We have told them they’re going into their own classes but I don’t know if it sank in.

“They haven’t spent a day apart since they were born but you can’t make a big deal out of it because you don’t want to frighten them either.”

“It is a massive milestone in any mum’s lives,” said Georgina, who is a daughter of former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern.

“You’re sad that it’s the end of their babyhood in a way and the start of a whole new chapter.

“I’ve had much quality time with them over the summer and then they were in Montessori before this so it won’t be a massive shock.

“But even at their graduation from that, I was tearing up so I know this is going to be really emotional for me.”

Nicky and Georgina celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary this month.

The family have been spending lots of quality time together since Westlife split up – and were holidaying in sunny Portugal last month.

Georgina’s sister Cecelia (29) has welcomed her second baby last month, a boy called Sonny, with husband David Keoghan.

Credit/Source: Starplus.ie | westlife.gr

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