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September 14, 2012

Nicky Byrne tells omg!: McFly’s Harry Judd inspired me

Nicky Byrne has revealed that it was seeing Harry Judd win last year that really pushed him to say yes to Strictly Come Dancing.

Speaking exclusively to omg! Nicky said it was watching Harry in the previous series that inspired him to give it a go this year.

The Westlife star says: “Seeing what Harry Judd did was one of the reasons I did the show. Seeing what he did, he was absolutely brilliant so fair play to him. If I was half as good as he was I’ll be very happy.”

But what do his Westlife band mates make of his decision to don the sequins? He confessed all the boys are happy for him but one member in particular was extra excited.

Nicky says: “Shane was buzzing a bit like Cheryl was to Kimberley, he was like “you’ve got to do it! I’ll come down for you, I’ll help you out, waving on the front row”

And does Nicky reckon the other lads will come down to cheer him on?

“It’s very different for us in the sense that we’ve only just split up so the lads might have other things on. I’d love them to come down and hope they do.”

Nicky also talked about his incredible fanbase but admitted it will take more than dedicate fans to win the show:

“Twitter exploded when we were announced. But it’s not just about that — you’re learning something new, the fan base won’t make you win the show. ”

Well, we have a sneaky feeling they will do their very best to help out!

Credit/Source: uk.omg.yahoo.com

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