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October 3, 2012

I miss the boys but it’s time to move on – Nicky

DESPITE being a member of one of the most successful boy bands of all time, former Westlife star Nicky Byrne has admitted that he has absolutely no dancing skills.

No surprise really, given that the most complicated move the boys had to master was standing up during a key change.

“I’m well used to stools,” the Dubliner joked. Nicky is currently taking part in Strictly Come Dancing and admits that at times training can be a challenge. “When it comes to Strictly I have two left feet.”

The 33-year-old said that Strictly is one of the few reality TV shows he considered taking part in.

“I wouldn’t do any of the other reality TV shows” he told the Diary, “but Strictly is different.”


Nicky went on to say that he was drawn to the glitzy world of ballroom dancing for two very different reasons.

“I used to be a bit against the whole reality TV thing, but Strictly appealed because you actually learn something. You’re learning a new skill, a talent. You’re going into a whole new world so that was a big buzz for me.”

Wife Georgina Ahern also encouraged him to throw on the spandex pants, rhinestone shirts and learn how to quickstep.

“Georgina’s always been a big fan of the show, she’s watched it for a good few years. And she always said ‘you’d be alright on that. You should give it a bash.’ So there were a lot of positives. I’m loving the experience.”

Nicky is rehearsing in Dublin so he can spend as much time as possible with his twin sons Jay and Rocco (5) who recently started school.

But one group Nicky is missing is Westlife, with Nicky admitting it is strange not having the lads on his side. “I think all the lads are feeling a little strange. We’ve been together for fourteen years so it’s going to be a bit bizarre.”

The star said he was still getting used to the change of lifestyle.

“It’s a big change and sometimes that hits you. This time last year, we were in South Africa, filming a video and watching Dublin win the All Ireland.

“This year I was in sitting in my house, on my own, watching Donegal win. I kept thinking — last year I was on top of a mountain and now, well now, I’m here. It’s about growing up really. I do miss them but you’ve got to grow up.”

Former band mate, Kian Egan is also taking the TV world by storm. Not only is he a judge on RTE’s The Voice, but Kian recently announced that he will co-host UTV’s show Surprise, Surprise alongside UK sweetheart Holly Willoughby.

Nicky had nothing but praise for Kian.

“I was talking to him last week and he’s flying. He’s doing brilliant — I wish him all the best.”

On the work front, things are also looking up for football fanatic Nicky.

He will be presenting Football’s Next Star on RTE. “I’ve always said I want to get into presenting” Nicky told The Diary.

“TV or radio. I said that even when I was still in Westlife.”

Credit/Source: herald.ie | westlife.gr

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